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Lawang sewu, central java Indonesia. One place a million stories

- Sabtu, 3 September 2022 | 02:34 WIB
tempat wisata bersejarah, Lawang sewu kota semarang ( instagram @xjhonz)
tempat wisata bersejarah, Lawang sewu kota semarang ( instagram @xjhonz)

beritajowo.com - In 1864, the first railway line in Indonesia was built connecting Samarang NIS station and

Tanggung station which was completed in 1867.

In 1873, a railway line was built to connect Semarang-Solo-Yogyakarta by NIS, including

Kedungjati-Ambarawa along 206 km.

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The initial purpose of the construction of the route was to transport plantation and

agricultural products from the areas under the control of the Kraton Solo and Yogyakarta

(Voorstenlanden) to the port of Semarang, replacing the traditional wagon transport. With

the development of the NIS company and the increasing number of employees, it was finally

decided to build a new administrative office in Semarang. The location chosen was at the end


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